"Immerse Yourself in the Gripping World of 'The Rubber Room': A Captivating Journey Across Two Volumes!"

“Embark on an unforgettable journey across two volumes of ‘The Rubber Room.’ In Volume 1, follow KateLynn McCray’s 1950s odyssey through change, commitment, and challenge. Volume 2 intensifies as Katey and Jerry battle a ruthless CEO, testing love and resilience. Discover their inspiring story in Ivan Bosanko’s gripping novel.”

The Rubber Room - Volume 1

“Unveil the gripping saga within ‘The Rubber Room.’ Join young KateLynn McCray in the 1950s as she confronts life’s three Cs: change, commitment, and challenge. Her journey unfolds in a turbulent era, revealing secrets of an industry’s hidden past. Dive into this captivating tale of transformation.”

The Rubber Room - Volume 2

“Katey and Jerry face the ‘three Cs’: change, commitment, and challenges. Amidst their tumultuous journey, a ruthless CEO jeopardizes their bond. Can their love conquer the ultimate trial? Discover in Ivan Bosanko’s gripping ‘The Rubber Room,’ Volume 2.”

The Author

Ivan Bosanko

Ivan Bosanko’s fifth novel, ‘The Rubber Room,’ unearths the railroad industry’s concealed secret. Set in the 1950s, the narrative offers a unique nostalgic journey. With remarkable characters, the book is an epitome of CHANGE, COMMITMENT, and CHALLENGE. Ivan’s writing prowess is globally recognized, with prestigious awards like ‘Man of The Year’ and ‘Hall of Fame.’ A prodigy who started publishing at twelve.


About the Author

Ivan Bosanko has been an author, writer, and engineering specialist for over half a century. His writing career began when he was in eighth grade when he wrote an essay about the first wheat farmers in the country. He entitled it "Soldiers of the Soil". He got married...

Ivan Bosanko’s best Historical Fiction “The Rubber Room”

When it comes to historical fiction books, it is necessary that the set consists of realistic events from the past but be written as fiction. "The Rubber Room" by Ivan Bosanko has an unusual title that has a deep meaning once the reader delves into the story. The plot...

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