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Written By ivanbosanko

August 8, 2023

Ivan Bosanko has been an author, writer, and engineering specialist for over half a century. His writing career began when he was in eighth grade when he wrote an essay about the first wheat farmers in the country. He entitled it “Soldiers of the Soil”.

He got married in September 1952 and was drafted into the U.S. Army Signal Corps six weeks later. He returned to college under the GI Bill in 1955 with a double major in electrical engineering and technical writing. And in 1980, he had his first book printed, which is called “The Sea of Grain”.

One of the most praised romance books, “The Rubber Room Volume 2,” was written by Ivan Bosanko. This presents the continuation of the story of Katey and Jerry, who face the ultimate test in their relationship. The couple is entangled in the three Cs: change, commitment, and challenges.

They’ve had their disagreements over the years, but despite numerous obstacles to their shared joy and many diversions in their life plans as a pair, they’ve always managed to remain together. This book is not just any one of those typical romance books; it also talks about how religion and history affect a relationship.

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